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Actuarial Science

Forms the backbone of everything we do, due to our experience. Insurance and Complex Business Calculations are a specialization.

Big Data

We were exploring this before it was called "Big Data". Can assist clients to derive business value from Machine Learning, Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence.


We have experience in performing Valuations in a broad range of business contexts including litigations. Have added significant value at contract drafting stage relating to formulas and calculations.

Financial Structuring

We are not lawyers, accountants or tax specialists - however we have found a niche synthesizing the feedback from experts in these disciplines and in the creation of bespoke solutions.


We have a strong background in the tech space (development & implementation) and can assist clients in optimizing technology investements (strategic effectivess & efficiency).


A deep knowledge of Excel stems from (1) years of use as power users and (2) a large amount of time spent rewriting several underlying components of Excel's infrastructure.

Principal Consultant

Picture of Sam Isaacson

Sam Isaacson is a qualified Actuary with more than 15 years of experience. He is an entrepreneur currently performing advisory work and investing/developing property, private equity and technology businesses. Prior to this he was a founder (and EXCO member) of MiWay Insurance where he spent seven years in the role of Chief Actuary. Other experience includes running Capital Analytics (Principal Consultant); working at Deloitte (Consulting Actuary) and at Peregrine Structuring (Derivative Analyst).

A particular strength is blending his natural understanding & experience in business with his knowledge of Technology and Mathematical Modelling.

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